A guide to choosing wine for your wedding

Dec 19, 2022Daniele Borgogno
Guida alla scelta del vino del Matrimonio Vinai del Borgo

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and one of the most important (and difficult) issues couples usually face is wine.

How many bottles of wine do you need for a wedding?

How many bottles should you budget to buy? A popular and difficult question. There is no right answer, it depends so much on the composition of the guests (number of children, older people) and above all on their "thirst".

Usually an average of three/four wines is recommended: a sparkling wine, a still white and a red and, if desired, a sweet wine. How many bottles per type? Difficult to say, it also depends on the season of the event, and on the place, but bubbles are usually consumed together with whites/rosés in warm climates. The reds are perhaps consumed more at the table.

If the sparkling wine is served both as an aperitif and at the table, it could be the most popular type, therefore on average about 4/5 people per bottle are recommended. For the other types, even one bottle every 5/6 people could be enough, abounding if the wine is left at the table and not served by the glass.

Which wine to choose?

Finding the perfect bottle for your wedding can be tricky. There are many considerations to make, price ranges, types and tastes of the guests. A piece of advice could be to choose wines that are not extreme but that could appeal to as many types of people as possible. Wines that are too complex and demanding or with marked and particular characteristics should be avoided, unless one decides to make a very varied choice of wines for the day. Let's take for example that you decide to buy only one red wine for the meal, in this case we would recommend a medium-bodied wine that is easy to drink and not too structured. Obviously, if you decide on two reds for meals, you can start with a more drinkable wine and then, if you want, you can combine it with a more structured wine.

Are there any precautions to take into consideration?

Especially in the summer season, it should be avoided to serve wine at an excessive temperature, especially red wine which is usually forgotten when served at room temperature which unfortunately in certain months of the year touches or exceeds 30°C.

Choose the wines that will go well with the courses of the meal, taking into consideration the ones you and your guests prefer, but without being too constrained by your personal tastes.

The right wine selection can create a unique atmosphere and feeling, maybe even a memory on such a special and important day and, if a theme has been decided, it can even be a key component in its planning.

It seems obvious but you should taste the wine before the wedding by choosing it personally, perhaps together with friends or relatives in order to have as many opinions and palates as possible.

Whether you are a Wedding Planner , a catering agency or are organizing your wedding directly, we can help you choose the best wine, with dedicated discounts.

We are at your complete disposal to support your choice.

Contact us at info@vinaidelborgo.com for information or quotations.

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