Why do we only work with vine growers producers?

Jan 25, 2023Daniele Borgogno

Our selection is the result of more than 25 years of work as wine selectors for importers from all over the world. In our portfolio we only have producers with their own vineyards, always avoiding bottlers. We have always collaborated only with producers because we want to offer our customers quality, transparent and sustainable wines. We are convinced that this can only be obtained through a chain that is as short and direct as possible.

By working only with producers, we can guarantee that our wines have been grown and produced with care and respect for the environment, in a concrete way. For this reason, to guarantee the best quality-price, we think that cooperatives are the most correct answer to bottlers. These realities have made enormous strides in terms of absolute quality and often succeed thanks to their own structures in guaranteeing low prices, maintaining a fair and ethical remuneration for their members.

We are convinced that each winery has a unique and extraordinary story, shaped by the different vintages faced over the years. Every single bottle encloses a story that goes from the vineyard to the glass, and we are committed to making you part of this narrative by discovering the best Italian wines. Not only do we want to share these stories with you, but we also want to make these amazing wines available to you through our physical and online wine shop, so you can discover them at fair and just prices. We are constantly looking for new wineries and exceptional wines to expand our selection and always offer the best to our customers. Choosing Enoteca Vinai del Borgo means discovering the authenticity and quality of Italian wines.

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