The importance of wine conservation

Oct 27, 2022Daniele Borgogno
Caveau Enoteca Vinai del Borgo Mondovì

The conservation of wine has always been one of the hot topics on which the final consumer often asks himself many questions. Where can I store my precious bottle? Better lying down or standing up? What is the ideal temperature for its storage?

These are understandable questions and much appreciated by any wine producer but often, even with all the best precautions, it can happen that something goes wrong.

Good conservation begins with transport, which must be taken care of starting from the production cellar.

Unfortunately or fortunately, often being in contact with many technicians in the sector, we find ourselves having to deal with our own conscience. For this reason, our wine shop is supported by a conditioned warehouse in order to avoid any type of thermal shock. Transportation from the cellar to our warehouse is all concentrated in the winter period, to avoid any future problems with the bottles that will then be put up for sale.

If a transport is organized during the hot season, the transfer is carried out on vehicles equipped with an air conditioning system to ensure transport with attention to every detail from the producer to your cellar.

Naturally, the customer is also asked to contribute: upon arrival, if the wine has been transported by car, it must be removed immediately from the trunk, and must not be drunk before having left it to rest for some time in a cool, sheltered place, in a horizontal position, especially when it comes to very aged red wines.

The ideal place for keeping wine is naturally the cellar, that is a place where it is possible to keep the temperature constant. The sunlight does not enter the cellar. It can also be helpful to keep the bottles in cardboard, wooden boxes or wrapped in their own wrapping. The horizontal position is always the most suitable, to keep the cork always moist.

In the absence of a cellar-like room, it will be necessary to adopt some precautions considering the main enemies of wine: excessive temperature and light. If you are unable to find a suitable room, the alternative is to purchase an air-conditioned cabinet for wine or a simple cellar which will surely significantly increase the duration of your wines at rest.

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