Guide to Rosé Wines: The Top 5 Picks for Your Summer

Aug 23, 2023Daniele Borgogno
Guida ai Vini Rosati: Le 5 Scelte Top per la Tua Estate

Rosé wines, also known as rosés, are a true symbol of elegance and refinement. Characterized by a delicate pink hue and a distinctive flavor, these wines have won over connoisseurs around the world. But how are they produced?

Rosé wines are often fermented in inert containers and rarely use wooden containers such as barrels and barriques. Although some rosés can be appreciated during their maturity, they tend to lose their freshness and the fascinating aromas of fruit and flowers over time, acquiring savory and mineral notes.

Rosé Wine Vinification

The production of rosé wines combines the beginning of red vinification with subsequent white vinification. The color comes from the maceration of the skins in the must for a time that can vary from a few hours to a maximum of two days.

Types of Rosé Wines: From Tradition to New Trends

Vins gris: Pale-colored rosé wines, widespread especially in France.
Blush wines: Originally from America, with varieties such as “White Zinfandel” and “Blanc de Pinot Noir”. The local Pinot Grigio Blush or Rosato is very famous.
Wines of one night and wines of one day: The duration of maceration determines the intensity of coloring, as well as temperature, which is widespread as cold.
Rosés de saignée and Rosés d'assemblage: Special techniques mainly used in the production of Classic Methods and Rosé Champagne.

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled summer experience with the 5 exclusive rosé wines we have chosen for you. Each bottle embodies the essence of summer, releasing fresh and vibrant notes that turn every sip into an unforgettable moment. And if summer is now a memory, these wines will immediately take you back to the warm sun, giving you a taste of that magical season, regardless of the calendar.

Syrma Chiaretto di Bardolino Doc BIO - Monte Zovo: A wine that evokes elegance, with notes of rose, pomegranate, and small red fruits. Balanced and sophisticated, it's perfect for aperitifs, risottos, and white meats.

Bardolino Chiaretto Monte Zovo
Nebbiolo Rosato Rusin - Ioppa: With a light strawberry red color, it's dry and of good body, pairs wonderfully with cold cuts, pasta dishes, and grilled meats.

Nebbiolo Rosato Ioppa
Mabilia Cirò Rosè - Ippolito : A rosé that embodies elegance, with scents of sour cherry and roses, savory on the palate, ideal with white meats, first courses, and fish soups.

Ciro Rosato Ippolito
Negroamaro Rosato - Vecchia Torre: A wine with an intense aroma of cherries and raspberries, soft and savory on the palate, perfect for first courses with tomato sauce, white meats, and fish soups.

Bardolino Chiaretto Falasco - Cantina Valpantena: Distinctive for its pleasant fruitiness and softness. The well-balanced acidity makes it suitable for pizza in its many variations.

With a tradition that spans nearly 30 years as wine selectors, we have gathered an exclusive collection that includes these wines and many others. Here's what we offer:

  • Direct Purchases from Producers: Selection of genuine wines, purchased directly from the wineries, with complete traceability from vine to bottle.
  • Quality Conservation: The wines are stored in our store and refrigerated warehouse (16-18 °C) to maintain their perfect integrity.
  • Commitment to Authenticity and Sustainability: Priority to producers with authentic vineyards and sustainable practices, offering genuine and unique Italian wines.
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