9 Wines for an Unforgettable Ferragosto (Italian tradition).

Aug 09, 2023Daniele Borgogno
9 Vini per un Ferragosto indimenticabile
Ferragosto is an Italian public holiday celebrated on August 15th, originally coinciding with the Catholic feast of the Assumption of Mary. Today, Ferragosto marks the height of the Italian summer vacation season. It's a time when many Italians take their summer holidays, heading to the beach, mountains, or other popular vacation spots. Families and friends gather for festive meals, outdoor activities, and various celebrations. In many cities and towns, there are public events, concerts, and fireworks. What better way to celebrate than with the right wine? Here's a selection of 9 wines that can make your Ferragosto celebration unforgettable.

Bubbles: Freshness and Minerality
Durello Monte Zovo Lessini Durello 36 months | Straw yellow with greenish reflections, sensations of apple and bread crust. Creamy on the palate, perfect with oriental, spicy, and ethnic cuisine.
Pianbello Alta Langa Rosè “Pianbè” Rosè | 100% Pinot Noir, aged in the bottle for 30 months, ideal for a refined toast.
Whites: Tropical Fruity and Aromatic
Verbo Bianco Cantina di Venosa | Malvasia of Basilicata, pale straw yellow, fresh and soft, ideal with appetizers, risottos, shellfish, and seafood.
Vermentino di Gallura Funtanaliras Cantina del Vermentino | Pale straw yellow, citrus notes, and tropical fruit, dry and soft, perfect with light summer dishes.
Rosés: Fruity and Savory
Negroamaro Rosato Vecchia Torre | Pale cherry pink, scents of cherries and raspberries, soft and savory, great with tomato-based pasta, white meats, and fish soups.
Rosato di Vermentino Nero Prima Brezza | Intense pomegranate red, delicate and elegant aroma, excellent with white meats, baked and stewed fish.
Reds: The Fresh, the Young, and the Bold
Lagrein Lavis | Ruby red with violet shades, notes of raspberries, blueberries, and violets, warm and velvety, perfect with goulash and dumplings or venison with blackberries.
Schiava Valle Isarco | From light ruby to ruby red, light and low tannin, ideal with light dishes.
Barbaresco Riserva Sarotto | Garnet red, scents of blueberry and pomegranate, soft and balanced, ideal with red meats, aged cheeses, and rich risottos.

Tips on How to Serve Wine
Temperature: Don't be afraid to chill reds and serve them fresh. In the glass in summer, the wine warms up a few degrees when poured.
Pairings: Use the serving temperature and keep it in mind for pairings. Degrease with the acidity of the wines, and remember you can contrast or "give rope" to the dish you want to pair your wines with. Remember, bubbles, if appreciated, are not just for toasting.
Ferragosto is a time to celebrate, relax, and enjoy life's pleasures. Choosing the right wine can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your table, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere. With our selection of wines, you have everything you need to create perfect pairings and delight your guests. Whether you're planning an outdoor lunch, an intimate dinner, or a grand banquet, these wines are ready to make every moment unforgettable. Visit our online wine shop to discover these and other extraordinary wines, and let yourself be guided by a passion for authentic flavors. Happy Ferragosto and cheers!

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