Our history

Oct 27, 2022Daniele Borgogno
La nostra squadra enoteca Vinai del Borgo

Our family has always had a special bond with the world of wine.

Paul Borgogno was the founding pillar in the creation of our company, TCS Borgogno.

In 1995 he decided to start his own business to support a large Danish group for the selection of Italian wines, abandoning his permanent position at a well-known Piedmontese winery to throw himself headlong into this new adventure and our story began from here.

The philosophy for success was as simple as it was effective. Find quality products at the right price.

The first successes did not take long to arrive, first with wines from the territory (Piedmont) up to including other regions of Italy.

Over the years an interesting synergy has been created with the producers which has led to numerous successes and the creation of truly interesting products.

The two sons were not slow to get involved. In 2006 Piergiorgio joined the company, followed by Daniele in 2011. Today, TCS Borgogno actively works in various markets, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, Belgium, Holland, USA.

Despite the growth, the principles are still the same, with an extra eye for the production chain: working only with manufacturing companies, giving priority to the quality / price ratio and ensuring product traceability.

The Vinai del Borgo wine shop was born with the same principles on which TCS Borgogno was founded. For us, wine must always be considered a pleasure, both for special occasions and for everyday consumption.

For this reason, in the wine shop you will always find a large assortment of products for tasting.

We want to make the customer satisfied and satisfied with the choice that must not be dictated by us, but perhaps simply accompanied by the choice of the best product for his needs.

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