Sangiovese Superiore Riserva DOC Torre di Ceparano Romagna 2018 - Fattoria Zerbina

Elegant Spicy Fruity

Wine craftsman

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The Sangiovese Superiore Riserva DOC Torre di Ceparano Romagna by Fattoria Zerbina embodies the excellence of the Romagna Sangiovese Superiore denomination. With a predominance of Sangiovese, enriched by touches of Merlot and Ancellotta, this wine offers a taste experience that captivates even the less experienced palates. Its intense ruby red color is a prelude to an olfactory bouquet where small red fruits, violet notes, and underbrush stand out, enriched by earthy and spicy nuances. On the palate, the structure is excellent, supported by a silky and enveloping tannin. The vinification takes place in steel tanks for 15-21 days, followed by aging in French oak barriques and tonneaux. Ideal for an elegant dinner, it pairs beautifully with red meat dishes and aged cheeses.

Denomination: Romagna Sangiovese Superiore Riserva DOC
Vintage: 2018
Dosage: Dry
Grapes: Sangiovese and Merlot (2-5%)
Region: Emilia Romagna (IT), Marzeno (RA)
Refinement: Barriques and Tonneaux
Serving temperature: 16/18°C
Alcohol content: 14% vol.

Fattoria Zerbina, led with passion by Cristina Geminiani, produces high quality wines that represent the authentic expression of the territory. Each wine is born from a deep bond with the land, from listening to the hidden language of the vines and from dedication in the process of transforming grapes into wine. No shortcuts are chosen but only time, care and competence. The result is works of art in bottles, capable of containing the wisdom of tradition and the strength to dare the new. Fattoria Zerbina is known in particular for the enhancement of Sangiovese and Albana, with the use of innovative techniques such as noble rot on the plant and the Sauternes-style gradual harvest. Their wines are the result of a synthesis of multiple vineyards that adhere perfectly to the profile of that type of wine. With the Monograph project, the winery offers a prestigious collection of wines from individual Sangiovese vineyards trained in saplings, which best represent the territory to which they belong. Tasting the wines of Fattoria Zerbina is like embarking on a sensory journey to discover an ancient art, reinterpreted with courage and innovation.