Vich Sauvignon Trentino DOC 2020 - Lavis

Complex Aromatic Fruity


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The "Il Vich Sauvignon Trentino DOC" from Cantina La Vis is indeed a remarkable white wine, showcasing the unique characteristics of the Sauvignon Blanc grape varietal, especially when cultivated in the conducive climatic and geographical conditions of the Cembra Valley region. The careful attention to vineyard management, harvesting, and vinification processes, such as manual harvesting, soft pressing, and aging on lees, contributes significantly to the wine's quality and distinctive flavor profile. This wine's pale yellow color with greenish tints is typical of Sauvignon Blanc, indicating a youthful freshness. The intense and sweet bouquet, which brings to mind citrus fruits, peaches, and ripe fruits, is characteristic of Sauvignon Blanc wines from cooler climate regions, where the grapes can develop a full range of aromas without losing their natural acidity. The mineral and savory taste, along with the rich and full palate, are indicative of the clayey loam soil, which often imparts a particular depth and complexity to the wine. The partial aging in oak barrels is an interesting choice for Sauvignon Blanc, a varietal often aged in stainless steel to preserve its freshness and aromatic purity. However, when done carefully, oak aging can add an extra layer of complexity, enhancing the wine's texture and giving it a longer finish, as evident in this wine. Pairing this wine with Mediterranean fish dishes, asparagus, and large grilled crustaceans is an excellent choice. The wine's flavor profile, with its balance of fruitiness and minerality, complements the delicate flavors of seafood, while its acidity can cut through the richness of grilled crustaceans, making each bite more enjoyable. In summary, the "Il Vich" is a well-crafted wine that reflects both its varietal characteristics and the terroir of the Cembra Valley, making it a delightful choice for those who appreciate nuanced and elegant white wines.

Denomination: Sauvignon Trentino DOC
Vintage: 2020
Dosage: Dry
Grape variety: Sauvignon
Region: Trentino Alto Adige (IT), Lavis (TN)
Refinement: Steel and oak barrels
Serving temperature: 8/10°C
Alcohol content: 13.5% ​​vol.

Cantina Lavis is one of the most renowned cooperatives in Trentino and has its headquarters in the municipality of La-Vis where it was founded in 1948. Nowadays there are about 800 members contributing to about 750 hectares of vineyards with an altimetric layout that varies from 200mt to 800mt guaranteeing organoleptic richness and variety; the fine and elegant white vines are grown in the mountains, while the intense and structured reds are grown in the hills. The wines of the Cantina di Lavis and Valle di Cembra are a representation of the winemaking tradition that combines nature with technique in a mountain context that is unique in the world.