Ghemme Santa Fe DOCG 2016 - Ioppa

Mineral Elegant Spicy

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The name "Santa Fé", in the local dialect "Santa Fede", derives from a small church still present on the site, in Romagnano Sesia. The soil here has a very important clay matrix, with a significant presence of kaolins. On the nose, the wine opens with a dominant mineral compartment and nuances of spices and leather. As it opens, aromas emerge ranging from blood orange to blackcurrant, through rhubarb, cardamom and black pepper. The flavor density is proportionate to the body, with lively tannins and a freshness that overturns the gustatory register. It is an endless wine, a thoroughbred capable of evolving over time, with an aging potential of at least twenty years. Ideal for pairing with red meats and game, this wine is perfect for special occasions, such as anniversaries or elegant dinners.

Denomination: Ghemme DOCG
Vintage: 2016
Dosage: Dry
Grapes: Nebbiolo and Vespolina
Region: Piedmont (IT), Romagnano Sesia (NO)
Refinement: Large oak barrels
Serving temperature: 16/18°C
Alcohol content: 13.50% vol.

The Ioppa winery is a family-run business located in Romagnano Sesia, in Upper Piedmont. The winery is located on a hill overlooking the surrounding vineyards, the Sesia river valley and the Monte Rosa mountain. Ioppa produces a variety of wines, including Ghemme DOCG and Colline Novaresi DOC wines. The Ioppa family has a long history of growing grapes since 1852, over the generations the winery has undergone many expansions and the current owners, Gianpiero and Giorgio Ioppa, have tripled the size of the estate to over 20 hectares and built a new facility modern, today it is an example of success for the area. The soil of the vineyards is a mixture of clay and sand with gravel-like pebbles which influence the characteristics of the aged wines. The Ioppa cellar is underground and contains oak barrels and barriques for the aging of Ghemme, Ghemme Cru and Vespolina wines. In addition to traditional manufacturing techniques, Ioppa also uses modern technology and equipment to ensure the highest quality of its products.