Barolo Bricco Luciani DOCG 2018 - Silvio Grasso

Complex Spicy Noble

Wine craftsmanVegan Friendly production

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The Barolo Bricco Luciani DOCG by Silvio Grasso captures the soul and terroir of Piedmont, particularly the area of La Morra. Made exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes, this wine is a tribute to Italian winemaking craftsmanship and excellence. Aging in French oak barriques adds an additional layer of complexity, making each sip an unforgettable experience. Visually, the wine presents itself with a deep ruby red color, evoking the fiery sunsets of the Piedmont hills. On the nose, notes of red fruits, spices, and a touch of leather are perceived, creating an olfactory bouquet that is a sensory journey in itself. On the palate, the wine is rich and enveloping, with a full body that fills the mouth and leaves a lingering aftertaste of ripe fruits and spices. This wine is ideal for pairing with robust dishes such as braised meats, aged cheeses, and truffle-based dishes.

Denomination: Barolo Cru Bricco Luciani DOCG
Vintage: 2018
Dosage: Dry
Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Region: Piedmont (IT), La Morra (CN)
Refinement: French oak barriques
Serving temperature: 16/18°C
Alcohol content: 14.5% vol.

The Silvio Grasso company was founded in 1927 but it was only in the mid-1980s that Alessio Federico began to bottle the entire production. Now the La Morra winery manages 14 hectares of which 6 are owned but Alessio is supported by his wife Marilena and his sons Paolo and Silvio. The company focus remains on Barolo in the various crus but also Nebbiolo and Langhe Rosso as well as Barbera d'Alba are to be considered wines of excellence that combine the rich and prestigious territory of the Langhe and in particular of the La Morra area with a capable personal style to surprise even the finest palate.