Barolo Audace DOCG 2007 Magnum - Roberto Sarotto

Refined Exuberant Noble

Sustainable productVegan Friendly production

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The Barolo Audace DOCG 2007 by Roberto Sarotto is an extraordinary sensory experience from the very first sip. This exceptional wine, produced in the heart of Piedmont, masterfully represents the nobility of the Nebbiolo grape variety. Its aromatic bouquet unfolds like an intricate tapestry of scents, where ripe red fruits, truffle, and almonds intermingle with subtle smoky nuances, creating an atmosphere of mystery in the air.
On the palate, this Barolo stands out for its impeccable balance. Lively acidity harmoniously merges with velvety tannins, creating a unique gustatory harmony. This symphony culminates in a soft and pleasant finish, with suggestive tertiary notes gradually revealing themselves.
The aging process in oak barrels for a remarkable 24 months imparts a solid structure to the wine and notable aging potential. This makes it the perfect accompaniment for succulent red meat dishes or aged cheeses, enhancing each bite with its complexity and depth. The Barolo Audace 2007 by Roberto Sarotto is the ideal choice for a romantic dinner, where the wine itself becomes the star of an unforgettable experience. It also makes for an excellent companion during evenings with wine-loving friends, where conversation intertwines with the complexity of this extraordinary Italian wine.

Denomination: Barolo DOCG
Vintage: 2007
Dosage: Dry
Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Region: Piedmont (IT), Neviglie (CN)
Aging: Barriques
Serving temperature: 16/18°
Alcohol content: 15% vol.

The Roberto Sarotto winery is located in Piedmont, in the heart of the Langhe, in Neviglie near the city of Alba. The company can count on 90 hectares of property in the most prestigious production areas of Piedmont, located in different areas: Ronconuovo (Neviglie) where the main winemaking and bottling cellar is also located; Novello, Barolo, Neive, Mango. In Gavi, however, there is a Cortese winemaking cellar for the production of Gavi from the municipality of Gavi.
The winery's philosophy is particularly aimed at the needs of end consumers. The combination of tradition and modern winemaking techniques, together with the care of the vineyard, brings to light a balanced and pleasant wine while respecting environmental sustainability.