Barolo Bussia DOCG 2016 - Cantina Moscone

Spicy Elegant Floral

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Cantina Moscone's Barolo Bussia, produced in the renowned vineyards of Bussia in Monforte d'Alba, is a wine that reflects the essence of its terroir. The soil where the Nebbiolo grapes grow is predominantly marl and limestone, providing the wine with extraordinary minerality and a distinctive character. The manually harvested grapes undergo extended maceration and temperature-controlled fermentation, followed by careful aging in both large Slavonian oak barrels for 30 months and stainless steel vats for at least 12 months before bottling. The result is a wine distinguished by a rich and intense aromatic bouquet, intertwining notes of red fruits in jam and wild berries, together with floral aromas of wilted rose and violet. These scents blend with more complex hints of spices, licorice, leather, and undergrowth, creating a complex and enveloping olfactory experience. On the palate, the wine is elegant and engaging, with a long persistence thanks to its smooth and harmonious tannins. The surprising freshness of Barolo Bussia balances its alcohol content, underlining its remarkable aging capacity. It is the perfect accompaniment to game, prime grilled meats, stews, and boiled meats, as well as exceptional with cold cuts and aromatic dishes like those based on truffles, liver, and sheep cheeses, enhancing the complexity and elegance of the wine.

Denomination: Barolo DOCG Cru "Bussia"
Vintage: 2016
Dosage: Dry
Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Region: Piemonte (IT), Monforte d'Alba (CN)
Refinement: Big Slavonian Oak
Serving temperature: 16/18°C
Alcohol content: 14,5% vol.

Immersed in the renowned hills of Monforte d'Alba, a prestigious area of Barolo, Cantina Moscone intertwines with the land and tradition. Here, where the vineyards of Bussia stand noble like ancient dames, strong and elegant, Sara Moscone and Marco preserve a generational legacy. Their business philosophy, focused on simplicity and deep respect for the terroir, wisely uses wood to enhance the innate qualities of the territory, exuding elegance and finesse. Each bottle tells a story of this land, an invitation to explore the pure and authentic essence of Monforte d'Alba and Langa.