Barolo Audace DOCG 2012 Magnum - Roberto Sarotto

Refined Exuberant Noble

Sustainable productVegan Friendly production

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Roberto Sarotto's Barolo Audace DOCG 2012 is a oenological masterpiece that captures the soul from the very first sip. This extraordinary wine, born in the heart of Piedmont, is a sublime celebration of the Nebbiolo grape variety. Its fragrance unfurls like an intricate tapestry of scents, where ripe red fruits, truffles, and almonds intertwine in an aromatic dance, accompanied by elegant smoky notes that lend a touch of mystery.
On the palate, the Barolo Audace 2012 distinguishes itself with the perfect harmony of its flavors. Lively acidity melds seamlessly with velvety tannins, creating a surprisingly balanced gustatory experience. This symphony culminates in a smooth and satisfying finish, enriched by suggestive tertiary hints that gradually unveil themselves. The lengthy aging process in oak barrels for 24 months bestows upon the wine a robust structure and significant aging potential. This makes it the perfect companion for succulent red meat dishes or aged cheeses, enhancing every bite with its complexity and depth. Roberto Sarotto's Barolo Audace 2012 is an extraordinary choice for a romantic dinner, where the wine itself takes center stage in an unforgettable experience. It also serves as the perfect ally for evenings among wine-loving friends, where conversation intertwines with the complexity of this exceptional Italian wine.