Rosso Conero Serenelli DOC 2019 - Pieralisi

Complex Noble Spicy

Wine craftsmanVegan Friendly production

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In the heart of Marche, at Maiolati Spontini, a wine is born that is an ode to the land and passion: the Rosso Conero Serenelli DOC by Pieralisi. This wine is an olfactory and gustatory portrait of the Montepulciano variety, refined in small oak barrels that enhance its complexity. To the eye, it presents itself with an intense ruby red color, almost as if wanting to capture the essence of the Marche sunset. On the nose, ripe red fruits, spices, and a slightly smoky touch are perceived, adding a veil of mystery. In the mouth, the wine is an explosion of flavors: red fruit, spices, and a well-balanced tannic structure that promises excellent aging potential. Ideal to be enjoyed with red meats, aged cheeses, and dishes from Marche cuisine.

Denomination: Rosso Conero DOC
Vintage: 2019
Dosage: Dry
Grape variety: Montepulciano
Region: Marche (IT), Maiolati Spontini (AN)
Refinement: Small oak barrels and large barrels
Serving temperature: 16/18°C
Alcohol content: 13.5% vol.


The Tenute Pieralisi farm has been owned by the homonymous family of winemakers from the Marche region since the 1960s and was born in 1976 with the foundation of Monte Schiavo in the heart of the classic Verdicchio Castello di Jesi production area. Today, the organic-run company can count on 103 hectares of vineyards and 48 hectares of olive groves. The vinification, modern and attentive to the smallest detail, together with the skilful work in the vineyards are the ingredients for obtaining wines of absolute quality.