Soothing Aftershave 50ml - Cantina di Nizza

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A cosmetic conceived with excellent excipients, in itself constitutes a valid aid for protecting, softening and maintaining intact and healthy skin in good condition. However, when it comes to dealing with a specific skin problem, then the functional substances included in the formulation characterize the product and must be chosen with knowledge of the facts among the most effective on the market. This is why our creams are completely natural and each batch undergoes strict controls before being placed in the production cycle. To make our cosmetics, only natural functional substances with scientifically proven efficacy are used, without abandoning ourselves to illusory promises made in the name of marketing. Particular care has been taken in the choice of raw materials: all the products are free of substances that can be allergenic and cause skin dryness or irritation and contain cutting-edge raw materials in the sector, absolutely safe in terms of tolerability and cosmetic efficacy. Furthermore, the water is treated through ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and electrodeionization processes before production in order to be bacteriologically pure. combining these basic concepts with our “originally” organic Barbera was simple and immediate. In a journey of wellness and health, nothing marries the cause of the "natural" better than a healthy and authentic product. Beauty begins from the “origin”!.